Failed to open.mlt file

Ubuntu 20.04

**Latest shotcut version
Is money really important.mlt (146.9 KB)

I’ve attached the .mlt file if you can please help me fix the problem. I saved all my edits and tried to export the file when it prompted saying one of the files is missing and I should save the project, close shotcut and reopen it so that shortcut fixes the error. So i did. When i restarted it, saw a prompt message showing what file is missing and I clicked “OK”. Instead of opening the project, it simply said failed to open (insert file name).mlt

Laptop is 64 bit, 1TB.

For more information, please ask and I will let you know. I need the project at the earliest if someone can also let me know how to fix this problem because this is the 5th time I’ve encountered this issue and everytime i just redid the whole project. I need to find a solution to this once and for all.

hi @sana_sanya,

Do you remember the missing file name?
Can you trigger this behaviour every time i.e. whenever you open the project does it prompt you for the same missing file?

Looking at your project file you are directly referencing files in the download folder. That is not good practice and is a nightmare waiting to happen. Instead you should copy all project resources (images, video, audio etc) to the project folder itself.

For example, lets say all your shotcut projects (mlt files) are kept under /home/nida/video/shotcut and this one is under the “is money really important” subfolder that gets automatically created when you first create your project. At that point you should begin copying or moving all relevant material to that folder, and organise accordingly (if you wanted to you could create separate audio, video, and image folders underneath the “is money really important” folder, but this isn’t necessary).

Also, so this hopefully doesn’t happen again: