‘failed to open’.mlt file

When re-starting my laptop found out that my .mlt file is failing to open. My operating system is Windows 10 Home 2004 version and my Shotcut version is 20.04.12.

I would highly appreciate if someone could take a look at my file. Thank you very much.

Filosofia de las matemáticas.mlt (264.1 KB)

Your file is full of NUL bytes and cannot be fixed. You can only restore from a backup if you have it. For the reason why, we do not know and not sure it is only a Shotcut problem as we have seen users of other Windows software report this problem while researching it. The developers have never experienced it. There were some changes to try to prevent it, and you are running an older version of Shotcut. Here are similar reports:

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Thank you very much. I guess I´ll have to start again :frowning:

I highly suggest that when you save, just spend an extra few seconds to use Save As to another directory or another drive. Or even to just simply rename your save to a date/time in the same directory.


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