Failed to open dot MLT file

**What is your operating system?**Windows 10
Shotcut 21.01.29 & 21.02.15

Hoping to get some quick help if possible. I was attempting to reverse a video clip which kept failing and eventually just crashed Shotcut 21.02.15. When I tried opening the file in 21.01.29 it failed to open and when I went back to 21.02.15 it also failed. The file has all the xml in it still but the shotcut-log says there’s a parse error relating to xml that I can’t find… even ran it through a validator that says there’s nothing wrong.

Including the MLT file and the shotcut-log file, I’m going to restart the project just in case but I’ll be up all night as it needs to be done by tomorrow (insert all kinds of cursing here). Thanks in advance for any and all help.

My Oldest Friend.mlt (49.4 KB)
shotcut-log.txt (33.2 KB)

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The meaningful errors from the log are:

[Error  ] <MLT> [producer_xml] parse fatal: Specification mandates value for attribute name	row: 284	col: 21
[Error  ] <MLT> [producer_xml] parse fatal: attributes construct error	row: 284	col: 21
[Error  ] <MLT> [producer_xml] parse fatal: Couldn't find end of Start Tag property line 284	row: 284	col: 21
[Error  ] <MLT> [producer_xml] parse fatal: xmlParseEndTag: '</' not found	row: 284	col: 21

But I do not get these errors when I open your file. These errors suggest the XML is malformed, but it is not as a validator would complain and my Shotcut would as well. This suggests that the log is mismatched with the current state of the project file you sent.

Lines 283 - 285 of your project file says

  <playlist id="playlist1">
    <property name="shotcut:video">1</property>

which is both perfectly normal XML and MLT XML.
Do you think you have more than one copy of the project file? The one that is failing to load is
D:\USER\My Music\Edit\My Oldest Friend\My Oldest Friend.mlt

Just a suspicion I have of how this might have occurred…

Is it possible, @Happy_Cadaver, that you accidentally had more than one open Shotcut session at the same time? This is always a highly unstable condition, and might explain the two files and mismatch of log and .mlt.

It is possible there is some sort of memory corruption when loading your project with all of the media and effects applied that I do not reproduce without fixing missing files.

I see you are using PNG files. If any of these have an alpha channel, you might be experiencing a bug that was fixed in version 21.02.15. You can try to open it in the newer version.

I closed everything down and attempted to open again before I posted those files so that they would be current and I confirmed that with date modified of the log file. I don’t think I had 2 open, however I am positive that I only had one instance open when I created the fresh log file.

The MLT file exists only in this location, i just did a search of the whole drive and that’s the only one.

As far as memory corruption that would be a first. The PNG file has been in there for days and functioned as intended in both Shotcut versions repeatedly.

It’s bugging me that you all can open it and I can’t, going to try to reinstall Shotcut and see what happens, thanks for your responses so far.

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I also made a test by running Shotcut in the debugger and loading your project and using the missing files dialog to replace all of the media with my own. I was hoping the debugger would catch a memory problem, but I still did not reproduce a failure.


Reinstalling Shotcut with the delete registry clicked (just because) fixed the issue and my project is now opening again with all my work intact.

Thanks a lot for all your help folks, means a lot to me (I was on the verge of tears). It was the fact that you all could open it and I couldn’t that pointed me in the right direction.

Now, back to work.

Did you previously have the proxy mode turned on?

Yes I did. Is there an issue with proxies?

That is probably a factor since Shotcut needs to basically rewrite the XML upon load, but I do not know what went wrong or how to reproduce the problem you experienced. If it happens again, you can try to turn off proxy before opening the project to see if it helps.


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