Failed to open audio file

When I open an audio file, it says ‘Failed to open audio file’. I have imported audio files successfully before but I can’t now.
Can anyone help?

Not without more information.

  • What is your OS and Shotcut version?
  • What format is the current audio file that is failing and is that the same as previous files that worked for you?
  • Have you tested different audio formats (mp3, m4a, wav)?
  • Can you import a video or image file from the same location as the audio that is failing?
  • Do you recall when this first started happening; was it perhaps after an upgrade?

From your wording it sounds like this is happening on every audio file you try and import. Is that correct? If they all fail (making sure to check different formats in the process) and you can import images and video from the same folder location, then it might be easiest to do a full uninstall and reinstall (including registry cleaning and manual folder deletion).

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