Failed to open a file in shotcut

Hello I recode a video through screen recorder software then I tried to upload many times in shotcut but always said failed to open.
I have changed extension multiple times through online converter but same issue still I ma facing , I have to edit the video but I couldn’t upload

What version of Shotcut are you using?

What is the file type?

Can you open other files in Shotcut?

Can you provide a screenshot?

.mkv file
yes I can open another file

The file you are trying to open and fails is probably invalid or not supported by Shotcut (unlikely). Then, when you try to convert it, the converter may have output something invalid instead of giving an error. You can upload the video to a cloud drive or other file sharing service and send the link to one of us privately if you want to.

How can I send the link in private?

Click on Dan’s avatar and then on the “MESSAGE” button, see below:

can you send the loink here of your inbox ?
Because message button is not showing

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