Failed to load - just one file exportable, then only failes

Shotcut Version 19.10.20
OS: Manjaro with Kernel 5.3.7
Display: x11 Server: X.Org 1.20.5
Computer: AMD Ryzen 3600, 16 Gb Ram, 3Gb used
Radeon 5700XT, Driver Mesa 19.2.2

Hello everybody,

i have a problem after successfully finishing an export of a video file.
I can‘t export another file.
All i get is errors of „failed to load“.
It seems it does not matter which video format, codec, resolution or whatever i choose.
In most cases i get an error like this:

mlt_repository_init: failed to dlopen /usr / lib/mlt/
( Could not open file: File or Directory not found)
Failed to load ““
Failed to load ““
Completed successfully in 00:00:00

or just

Failed to load ““
Failed to load ““
Completed successfully in 00:00:00

When i look up /usr/lib/mlt many files are available there.
But i can‘t find a file with „tracking“ in there.

After rebooting the system i can export one file normally.
Well … its not a proper behavior rebooting after every single file, i guess.

Do i have to install a missing lib?
Why does mlt not (re)load properly?
Can i force a reload?

I reinstalled shotcut and mlt (6.16.0-1) twice - no effect.

To be honest: i mostly use shotcut for re-encoding, not cutting videos (because of the relatively good hardware-encoding support)
So i don‘t use projects or most features/filters.
On Linux Mint 19.2 it worked perfectly, but my new gpu didn‘t work on ubuntu, so i migrated to manjaro.

Any ideas how to solve the problem?


Interestingly shotcut portable works perfectly without any loading errors.
Only problem with the portable version is: it encodes veeeeeeeery slowly …
About 6-7 times slower, than with the normal version.

Sorry I can’t help, but just out of interest, if you are only re-encoding (converting) videos, why don’t you use Handbrake, so instead of using an all-singing all-dancing tool like Shotcut, use one that is designed just to do that jiob?

Because i don’t like the handling of handbrake.
I can’t cut with handbrake reasonably, when i need to.
And last but not least shotcut worked on my former pc way better with hardware encoding (better nvidia gpu support).
So i prefer shotcut …

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