Failed to install latest version 23.11.29

Hello every body,

Issue : Impossible to install latest version 23.11.29

Before :
I use to run properly few days ago an old version. I don’t know which one it was because I uninstall it.

Now :
As explain in FAQ, I delete Hot Keys files : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Meltytech\Shotcut
Install again but no way !
No message occurs during installation. But when starting Shotcut following screen appears and then nothing !

My computer :
Memory : 64 bits 4 GO
Processor : AMD-4

Thanks so munch for further help.

If I were you, at this point I’d try to install again and let the installer remove settings from registry.


You might need to run the version listed on the download page for WIndows 7/8 because maybe the 23.x versions are incompatible with your system.

Thank you @MusicalBox … … but already done without success.

Thanks @shotcut

Done … … and it works !
Would have never though to this solution !
Thank you so munch :smiley:

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