Failed to create proxy

I usually get the proxy enabled every time I edit it. But every time I do this, I mostly fail to generate a proxy. After a few attempts, the original video I edit takes over 3 hours by default, and it takes longer to generate the proxy. I’m trying again, but it takes too much time. Is there a way to make the proxy successful with one attempt?

I’ve seen questions on forums, and the answers say turn off hardware encoding. But I think it’s ambiguous considering if it’s the same problem as mine. I can use proxies, but it’s hard to say it’s a complete failure because it takes multiple attempts. Is a problem like mine solved by turning off hardware encoding?

From the version 24.01 release notes:

  • Fixed proxy generation failing with NVENC if Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder is on.
  • Fixed proxy generation failing for videos with full range color on macOS with Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder turned on.

NVENC is on NVIDIA. It is not normal for it to require multiple attempts unless there is a bug and you change something to workaround it. When it fails you can check the job lob to see why.

I’ve checked the lobby before and tried to find a reason for it but couldn’t find the exact reason. Could you please tell me the exact location where the reason for the failure appears?

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