Failed export

i keep getting failed export on a montage i have made, the export fails at the exact same time each time, ive tried to remove the clip where it fails and even change it but that makes no difference, could anyone please help? here is the report log
shotcut failed export log.txt (11.1 KB)

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I have no idea how to read the error log but what you could try is exporting only a part of the video.

Let’s say your video is 45 mins, export the first five minutes.
If that goes well, export the first 10 mins,
if that goes well, export the first 15 mins and so on…

Perhaps you will be able to pinpoint on what media it breaks and hopefully re-encode it or replace it with something else.



That error can be caused by many issues.

First, restart your computer and try the export again without opening any other applications.

If that does not help, there may be a filter or transition that needs to be removed and re-added. Make a copy of your project and systematically remove one clip or filter at a time until the export succeeds.

For example, for this user, the glow effect was the problem:

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