Fail to open webcam/mic error OSX


I try to use the Voiceover / Webcam feature and followed the tutorial,
however it does not work. I get a very brief error message, and I found it
in the Application Log:

[Debug ] AvfoundationProducerWidget::newProducer “avfoundation:USB Camera:Samson C01U Pro Mic?pixel_format=yuyv422&framerate=30&video_size=1280x720”
[Info ] MainWindow::showStatusMessage “Failed to open avfoundation:USB Camera:Samson C01U Pro Mic”

I use a Samson Mic and a Logitec Webcam
I do not understand why it does not show the logitec camera
both are connected via usb and work fine outside Shotcut.

OSX 10.13.4 ShotCut 18.05.03

Recording audio

I figured out this broke in v17.05. Thanks, I will take a look at it. Was planning to anyways as part of FFmpeg upgrade.


For some reason, it succeeds for me if I run it from the command line /Applications/
This makes it difficult to debug. :frowning: but it may be a workaround.


thank you. I confirm it records voice and sound when starting from the command line.
The video is not displayed during the recording. is this correct? Audio and Video is recorded well (from separate devices), but not displayed during the recording.


It is normal that video is not displayed after you start capturing in Export.


This issue was fixed in v18.06 for macOS.