Fading Text Filter In and Out

I used a filter to add text. Is there a way I can fade-in and fade-out this text? When I added Fade-In and Fade-Out filters, it did not seem to have any visual effect.

Shih Fa

Please search before asking or see “Your topic is similar to…”

If you did find something relevant, and you still have a problem and the old thread is closed, then state what you tried to do and maybe even link to the old thread upon which you are basing your question.

I have a problem.

Searching for how to fade text filter gives me this useless post as a result.

Other threads talk generally about fade filters or how to fade imported text pngs or whatever.

How do you apply fadein/out to a simple text filter in shotcut? Thanks

En appliquant les filtres “fade in / fade out” au “simple text filter”

By applying the “fade in / fade out” filters to the “simple text filter”

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