Fade snapping?

When tweaking fades in timeline, their endpoint doesn’t seem to be affected by snapping at all. Nothing snaps to it, it snaps to nothing.

Also, playhead doesn’t seem to snap to anything, too.

Snapping is enabled. Clips snap to each other.

Is it a bug or I have misconfigured something?

Shotcut v22.06.23 portable, Windows

That is not implemented. I guess it could snap to playhead or marker but what about edges of other clips?
If you double-click the fade control, it toggles a one second fade.
No, playhead is not snapping. I find that annoying. You can double-click a clip to select and seek to it. Or after positioning the playhead close to something,use Alt+Left or Alt+Right to seek to an edit point.

Nothing. It doesn’t snap. Not to marker, not to other clip edges. Neither fade-point, nor playhead.

Thanks. That’s actually really useful. :+1:t2:Though, it doesn’t seem to respond to “save as default” setting. It always re-creates the fade as 1 second long.
And to me, it toggles not the second fade, but the actual fade I double-clicked on (removes / re-creates it as 1s).

Yeah, I use it extensively, too. But it doesn’t help in the described scenario (move a clip to align it’s end with a specific moment). It’s a very common use case when you use pre-rendered clips with alpha as transition covers.

I started by stating not implemented. Then describing what could be.

Oh… I got it wrong.
Then, I guess, the best solution would be a Premiere approach: “snap everything to everything, but with different weights, and increase snap tolerance with hotkey (Shift)”.

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