Fade out video not working until you drag it

What is your operating system?
Linux (Ubuntu)

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
22.06.23 64bit

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
I’m not sure how to reproduce it, however, I will attach a project with this bug present.

Basically, when you add a Video Fade Out filter, the video just goes black both in preview and in render. However, if you drag the fade effect ever so slightly to the left, the fade starts to work as intended.

This bug was first reported at least 4 years ago in 2018.

This is a mock-up project if any of the developers care to investigate.
Notice the black in the preview.
Drag the very right corner on the middle track to the left, and you will see a fade in the preview.
bug.zip (415.9 KB)

Fixes itself as soon as you select the clip with the fade out filter - no dragging required. I do not know how to reproduce it and unable to fix it until then.

No worries, I like a challenge so I figured that out for you.
Actually, it’s pretty simple. The segment you need to try to fade out (i.e. image, video or chunk of a clip) should be shorter than the default fade out curve. In this case, the fade out breaks until, as you mentioned, you unselect and select the faded segment again. If the chunk is longer, the fade works no problem the first time. That’s the reason why most bug reports are about fading images, which people tend to “shrink” in the timeline (i.e. make a slideshow).
I use an appimage, and deleted all .home and .config content to fresh up Shotcut and still can reproduce it 100% of time.
Plast any clip on the timeline, go to the end of it, split a very short piece of it (half a second), select the splitted part, apply a Fade out video filter (I did it with the needed piece selected but playhead standing on another segment), then place the playhead above the faded segment. The preview is black, and if you render, it will also be black.

I am able to reproduce it.
The clip has to be smaller than 1 second to reproduce.


  1. Open Shotcut (Video Mode 30fps)
  2. Open Other - Color clip (Should be 4 seconds at default)
  3. Select any color and drag the clip from Source to Timeline
  4. Split the last 15 frames.
  5. Select the last clip.
  6. Apply filter: Fade Out Video

Fade Out 1.mlt (3.8 KB)
<filter id="filter0" in="00:00:03.500" out="00:00:03.967">
<property name="level">00:00:00.467=0</property>

Selecting the first clip, then reselecting the 2nd clip fixes the issue.
Fade Out 2.mlt (3.9 KB)
<filter id="filter0" in="00:00:03.500" out="00:00:03.967">
<property name="level">00:00:00.000=1;00:00:00.467=0</property>

Shotcut 22.06.23
Windows 10 Home

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This is fixed for the next version as well as related issues with other fade in and out filters.

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Great testing, @Hudson555x . Appreciated.

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