Fade Out Video 1/2 clip not 1/2 second

Ok so I just figured out that this has to do with the original frame rate being 30 and I tried to export to 60, But I do believe that this should be tweaked still… So I was creating my video with fade in and fade outs for the clips for transitions and I set each one to " 0:15 " for half a second according to that " 0:30 " is one second… and the fade in video filters were fine I believe, but for fading out the clip faded out halfway through the clip instead of half a second. Again I found this issue to be dealing with the frame rates but I do believe that if I set the filter to fade out in half a second then it should do so. Can this please be fixed/tweaked?

If the original frame rate is 30 fps, and exported it at 60fps, you’re going to still have a 30fps video with double frames. It will display each frame twice. Increased file size too.

Pretty much skip the fps change at export, stick with original. You’ll find the filters you created will work fine this way.

This is already fixed for the next release.