Fade out rich text

I want to have a Text that is overlayed to a video clip and that is faded out after a while.
I’m used to do that with the “simple text” filter and attach it to a “transparent” frame. If I now also attach the “fade out” video filter to that frame, I get what I want.

But now I need some more fine-grained styles on my text so that I need the “rich text” filter instead. But with that filter the fade out simple does’n work. The text get’s visible 100% until the frame is over.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

How are you trying to fade the text. An easy way would be to apply the Opacity filter and use keyframes to go from opacity = 100% to opac?ty = 0%.

You can use still Fade Out Video > Adjust opacity instead of fade with black. However, you must not have the Text: Rich filter selected in Filters because when you do so the rich text editor is shown over the video. The editor does not understand and apply other filters.
(Even if it could there are many situations where you do not want it to as it would make editing difficult or impossible - for example, when the opacity is near 0.)

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