Fade out from bottom to top


Does anyone know how to do fading out from bottom to top instead of left to right ?
They maybe a filter that can combine with Video Fade Out to achieve this??

See what I am trying to achieve … the body should fade from bottom to top if possible.

Try Mask from File with Bar Vertical.



Didn’t have the exact smoke effect used in your video, but you can use MFF and opacity to fade the smoke and guy.



Very nice … power of filters.
Just not getting to know it all … but learning fast with you and others help
Thanks again.

I tried out and able to make fire and smoke works like you demonstrated.
But I was wondering how to make “disappearance” from middle outwards (2nd video which I failed) ?
I tried using MFF on circle out … but I don’t now how to position it to the centre of the character ?
Is it actually possible in SC to position a MFF effect …??

Try using Mask Simple Shape. Keyframe the width and height.



Yes that will work … silly me. Forgot about simple mask keyframe has x-y coordinates.
Guess was too fixated on MFF approach.

Thanks again.

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