Fade-in playback speed

Is there a way to fade-in with the playback speed. What I mean is to smoothly change the playback speed let say from 4x to 1x.
So for instance I am connecting a video where the previous cut is playing at 4x faster… and I would like to go down with this speed smoothly (from 4x) to the normal playback (1x).

How can I get this?

No. You would at least need key frames to build a speed ramp. Key-frames are not yet available in ShotCut.
See shotcut.org/roadmap/

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Consider using slowmoVideo to perform the speed changes you want and then import the resulting file into Shotcut:

It is unlikely variable playback speed will be implemented in Shotcut due to the complexity of the problem. Shotcut always needs to know the exact length of each clip. It is difficult to calculate the length of a clip if the speed changes multiple times throughout.