Fade In/Out via Timeline - Duration tooltip disappears

Hi there,

Only been using ShotCut for a few days now and loving it, but one little issue has been popping up which is frustrating me.

I love the simplicity of adding Fade In & Outs using the ‘throbbing’ icon on the Timeline, however sometimes the fade duration tooltip that usually shows has not been appearing. As such, I can only guess how long each fade is (they are relatively accurate, but my OCD kicks in big time!).

There does not seem to be an easy fix aside from a PC reboot (closing and re-opening the project or ShotCut does not fix it, nor does Restore Default Layout). Anyone else with similar issue or a fix?

Windows 10 64-bit, latest version (downloaded latest today and re-produced).


  • Andy

Select the clip then select the Filters tab.
The Fade Out Video filter will be listed there and allow you to see/change the duration.

Thanks Steve, didn’t think of using that. Much appreciated!