Fade in out no work

New to editing but have literally spent 15 hrs trying to edit my video. I had about 80x 8mm movies which i converted to digital using a Wolverine digitizer. Im slowly progressing but cant get Fades working. I click on the file im working on,click on fade out.nothing happens. When i place cursor on the file/timeline it comes up with a “White hand”. I have located the pulsing black dot on top right of image but wont move?? Any help appreciated…Near bottom left of screen says MASTER. Is that correct?

Hello, welcome :smiley::
can you rephrase the question by adding the following information?
Operating System
Shotcut version
Screenshot with the annotations that you think are appropriate to explain your problem.

You should also get the updated version of Shotcut as some names, filters, and icons have been updated recently.
I also recommend that you visit the following resources to familiarize yourself with the software.

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“Anjin San” played by Richard Chamberlain is ‘Shogun’. :smiley:

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I vaguely remember that TV series.
I think I’ll look for it to watch.
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He also played the role of Jason Bourne in the 1988 TV film The Bourne Identity. Rings a bell ?

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You can try to double-click it to add a one second fade instead of dragging. Double-clicking an existing fade removes it. Also, you can simply select the clip and go to Filters and add as needed: Fade In Video, Fade Out Video, Fade In Audio, Fade Out Audio.

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