Fade in on png/jpg not working

When I try to use fade in on a picture it doesn’t seem to be working even tough it shows it is applied. When i make the picture longer it does work but for my project i can’t short it in. Is there a fix for this?

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In my limited experience with Shotcut I’ve made several mistakes that have caused fades to not work correctly. Can you post a screenshot?

I have fixed the issue by adding another track

If you move the beginning edge of the image - you break all effects that are aligned to the time. It doesn’t helf if you delete and add filters again.

I’ve been experiencing the ‘no fade’ problem too. Some images when surrounded by others that use the same effect forget to fade out, immediately disappearing instead. I’ve tried deleting the pic, re-adding to the timeline and re-applying the transition, but it doesn’t always help.

Have you tried dragging and dropping the filters into a different order yet? On some tracks -whether video or still images - the order the filters are applied seems to make a difference. I use chroma-key quite often and I have found that whether or not a fade works can depend on whether it is placed before or after the chroma-key filter (It seems to work OK if placed AFTER the chroma-key btw).

Interesting, that’s something I hadn’t considered. Can’t test now as I’m at work, but I will later and report back.

The pics I was having difficulty with just have an in and out fade to opacity effect and position/size effect applied so this should be an easy experiment.

It doesn’t work…

I have a video and I want to put a watermark over it, so I have a 50% opacity filter, a size and position filter and the fade out filter for the end. I’ve tried everything: changing order of filters, disabling one and all of them, adding them in different order… At one point it worked, but the next moment it wasn’t working again…