Fade-in "adjust opacity instead of fade from black" is not sticking

I think I found a bug…

  1. Color clip on V1
  2. Transparent clip on V2 with text filter added
  3. Double-click throbber for fade-in
  4. Select “adjust opacity instead of fade from black”
  5. Preview play - works fine.
  6. Change mind, increase fade-in time by dragging throbber
  7. Preview play - clip fades in from black (not transparent as expected), even though “adjust opacity instead of fade from black” is still checked in filter pane.

Also happens on a jpg, png, mp4. I didn’t get time to test it further with other imported media.

I can get the correct fade-in back by de-selecting “adjust opacity instead of fade from black” and selecting it again.

Is this a bug? Thanks.

Windows 10

This is a bug I found when making my motorcycle video, and it is has already been fixed for the upcoming version 18.09.

Excellent! Thank you. REALLY looking forward to .09…

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