Facebook Group for Shotcut


I created the Shotcut - Free Video Editor Facebook group.

I don’t spend much time at all on FB but can’t hurt to try to grab some attention/centralize support there.

Developers and moderators are welcome to become group mods/admins (expected workload: accepting new users whenever you happen to be online once a week or month :slight_smile: )

There is already a big group but it has a suspicious link right in the description.


Already an official Facebook page for support and attention


It’s good to have it, yeah. FB pages are like web blogs and FB groups are like web forums - creator-centered vs. community-centered. So hopefully the group will serve some people.


You may reach out to the facebook developer’s portal in case of further clarfifications
You can find more to-the-point solutions for anything and everything


This Facebook group is not attended by any members of the Shotcut team, nor will it likely ever be.

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