Eye-dropper always picks black

When using the eye-dropper to select a color for a filter, say White Balance or Chromakey, it always picks black, not the color I see on the source.

Here is a screenshot:


I am running Shotcut 20.02.17 on Debian Buster on a Chromebook

Update: It is actually showing the theme background color in the selection as I drag it out, but in the selected color box in the filter, the color is black, no matter what the theme’s background color is.

I have also seen several instances of having the drawn box not be at the location of the cross-hair mouse pointer.

Perhaps this is a Chrome OS issue…

Did you click and hold on the dropper icon and drag it over the colour in the video that you wanted then release?
If you hover the mouse over the dropper icon, does a tool-tip not pop up?


The tool tip does appear when I hover over the eye dropper.

When I click on the dropper, the mouse pointer turns into a cross. I then left-click on the video, hold and drag out a rectangle.

When dragging out, the rectangle is always the color of Shotcut theme’s background. After releasing the left mouse button, the color in the filter is black (no matter what the theme background color is or where I dragged out on the video).

This happens with the white balance filter and the Chromakey filter.

I have not found any other mouse related issues.

I do not reproduce this on Windows, macOS, or Linux. And I am unable to fix it for Chrome OS.


Will see if Google will check it out.