Extremely slow export

I am a newbie of Shotcut, but I am also trying to edit a video in a very simple manner.

The video has a moving window, so I had to make a crop + size filter until 5mins in, and then make another crop+size filter

Those are the export settings, VERY basic

I have an Intel 8700K processor and a 1080ti videcard, but none of those are used when the export is ongoing


There must be something to speed up this export, I think it’s the filter fault, because the video compression should use GPU, and it’s also a trivial 720p video…

Estimate completion time is 3hrs, on a 1hr video

The more effects you add the slower it will be. Crop: Source is usually faster than Crop: Rectangle, and try to use only one of each filter. It is rare that you need more than one of each. You can read more about performance in the FAQ.

I find multiple keyframed Size-Position-Rotate filters slow my export quite a lot.

I think that is generally true. That particular filter is not optimized to take advantage of GPU nor multiple CPU cores. So it can be a bottleneck in some projects.

Actually, it does based on slices. But it is floating point, which makes it slow.

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