Extra Frame at Beginning


I have been having this issue where i get an extra frame at the very beginning. If i start a new project, paste something, then delete everything hoping to fix this issue the frame is still there.

This is the screenshot i took that shows the play head at 00:00:00:01 when clicking the next point button. The clips have no split there but the play head still goes to that point with the buttons.

I’m hoping i can figure out what’s going on with my system and not have to reinstall Windows to troubleshoot.

Does right click and ripple delete on the black section help in the time line?

I just reinstalled Shotcut and it’s happening still. The only spot that gives a ripple delete option is this small section after the play head but it doesn’t do anything.

This is a benign placeholder on an empty that is usually replaced when you add something to the track. The only time it is a problem is when your playhead is at the end of an empty timeline and you use paste or overwrite. That is because those operations are playhead sensitive by design. It is a quirk that is unlikely to be fixed, and you need to adjust your workflow to avoid it:

  • Do not manually delete the timeline contents to start a new project. Use File > New instead. If you add a track manually in a new project, this placeholder does not exist.
  • If the timeline has no tracks, let Shotcut add it for you instead of manually adding a track first.
  • Use Append (A or + button) to add to an empty track.
  • If adding to the timeline by drag-n-drop either be very careful to drop at the very beginning or not careful at all in order to leave a sizeable gap that you can easily remove by right-clicking it.
  • If you still have that undesirable extra frame after adding a clip simply drag the clip as far as possible to the left. Then, you do not need to zoom way in order to right-click it.

Thankies. I’ll be sure to start with appending sections and not pasting in the common elements copied from another project!

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Just an update that starting with a colour block will cause this, and maybe copying sections over/adding tracks.

Starting a new project i appended a colour block and that extra frame shows up. Haven’t added any clips yet. Then i started a new project and added the tracks first before appending a colour block and it still happens. I’ll keep trying other things.

I appended a clip and it was fine. I added a colour block after and that was fine as well. Pasted a clip from another project and it was fine. Then i added other tracks and it happened again so not sure what the underlying cause is.

I Ctrl-Z to undo each step until i got back to before adding tracks when it disappeared. Then i added a track and it appeared again so that might be part of it.

Removed all the tracks and it’s still there. If it is a single frame at the beginning and won’t mess up syncing audio i’ll see if i can work around it.

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