Extending Duration Of Glaxnimate Animation Clip Is Buggy And Not Working

Windows 10

Create a new animation rawr file in Open Other > Animation (Glaxnimate). Close Glaxnimate then put the rawr file in Timeline. Go to the rawr file’s Properties Tab and click Edit to go to Glaxnimate. In Glaxnimate go to Document > Timing to extend the duration of the clip. Save the rawr file then close Glaxnimate. In Shotcut, go to the rawr file’s Properties Tab and click Reload to update the duration. When you then go to the rawr clip on the timeline to extend the clip it will not actually get longer but the dialog that comes up showing the duration of the clip will keep running for as long as you keep pulling on the clip. Demo.

I experienced more or less the same problem a couple of days ago.

The workaround I found was to delete the rawr file from the timeline in Shotcut, and import it again after editing it’s length in Glaxnimate.

You are supposed to change Properties > Duration. Reload is supposed to be more like refresh in case the automatic file change detection did not work for some reason. I will make it so that if the duration changed it applies it same as editing Duration.

This is fixed for the next version. It also updates automatically if the clip is selected and file change is detected because you saved a duration change in Glaxnimate.