Extending an Audio Track

I am making a 1 hour video. I want to use 1 audio track.
The audio track is only 10 minutes long.
I am trying to extend the10 minute audio track for the entire hour.
I have tried to add the audio track to the time line 6 times.
I have also tried to overlap the audio track to create transitions.
Using both those methods, you can hear the inconsistency around the 10 minute mark.
Does any know any methods to extend an short audio clip that will allow it to sound like one long audio clip, without decreasing or increasing in volume or irregularities?


Hi @windsor
Audacity is perfect to extend a song.
You can use it to select one part of the song, copy it, and loop it as many times as you need inside the song.

Yeah you’re going to have to pick a moment in the audio timeline where the beginning and ending of the audio resembles eachother and cut them off there. I use Goldwave for all my audio editing, I started with it long time ago and it’s a pretty straight forward program.

Anyway whatever you use, you’ll need to find two points in the audio that you can ‘connect’, then blend them and you will hardly hear the transition. If this is not doable either, then you need to search for a new audio file, unless you are able to re-create the audio but then you wouldn’t need help.

Thanks MusicalBox and RS55. I appreciate the feedback.
I will try both these methods. I’m looking forward to seeing the final results.

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