Exporting with hardware encoder not working

I am trying to export some video clip with “Hardware encoder” but it fails. Checked several times. See attached screenshot.
ShotCut - Exporting Fails
(The first one is in ‘normal’ mode)
Program detected the encoder - its “h264_nvenc”.
All settings are default, nothing changed.
What is wrong ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Shotcut version 22.01.30
Win 10 pro, 20H2 x64, 19042.1466

This is like asking “how long is the piece of string I am holding”. You need to supply more information. What does the logfile say? This is where error messages are displayed.

You need to view the encode job log by right-clicking it. Usually it is because there was an unsupported resolution, frame rate, or some other export setting especially if you are not using a preset or the defaults. Sometimes you need to reboot because the GPU is in a bad state (rare).

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