Exporting video does not export overlay image

The main video is on Video track 1 and in track V2 there is a resized JPG image.
The player shows the image but after exporting, the image is not in the video.
Anyone, have you had the same issue and what is workaround?

Update1: Amount of bugs in Shortcut is just overwhelming. I tried to put another image and I’ve put Size & Position filter, then I Have changed the exported video to be 640x360 from the original size of 1280x960, size of the 2nd image is not proportional to the original video, and the position has been changed as well.

Update 2: Placing image outside of the border of the video frame will also place back that image within the frame, which is wrong. This means any image placement over the edges is not possible. Also definitely I can confirm issue above is because of the export size of the video is reduced and the export process does not recalculate positions/sizes of photos in respect to resize of video frame.

Here is how to set your video resolution before you start.

  • Settings
  • Video Mode
  • Custom/Add

It may also be beneficial to watch the tutorial videos on Shotcut.

With respect I think you are seeing mind-bugs brought on by impatience.
You need to learn how the software operates, not how you THINK it should operate.

Here’s a quick visual tutorial (sorry, I have no mic)