Exporting using up to 95% of CPU, but can be extremely slow

Hey! I’ve been using Shotcut for a while, but lately exporting has been slower than usual.
It’s using between 80-97% or so of my CPU while exporting, but still taking a really long time to do so.

A couple days ago I was editing some videos, two of which were about 20 minutes each, and it took about 4-5 hours for each of them to complete exporting, while using that much CPU power.
I have set the priority of both qmelt.exe and shotcut.exe on task manager to low, but it’s still using the same amount of %, but sometimes dipping down a couple more percent. However, it’s taking less time to export, but still longer than it did before.

I have a Ryzen 5 3600X, RTX 2060 and 16GB of ram.
Thank you for any help!

Every project is different and going to take a different amount of time depending on hundreds of variables. High CPU usage is a good thing; at least you know there is not something in the processing pipeline holding other things back. First thing you should check is how the project video mode compares with the footage and export parameters. Did you change resolution, aspect ratio, or frame rate in the Export panel? If so, you are probably doing it wrong. Those should only be changed under special scenarios.

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I haven’t changed anything, just left it automatic.
I’m not a professional, and fairly new to the whole video and editing thing, still a newbie so I don’t really understand what everything means, so I tend to leave most things automatic unless I know for sure I need to change them, which I haven’t in this case.

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