Exporting to MP4?

I was having real trouble exporting a 5 min film to mp4 with the latest version of Shotcut. I tried a whole host of different options with and without the YouTube preset. Then I tried DNxHD (HD 1080i 29.97fps) as a preset without any of the Advanced options - it worked first time! The trouble is it is a .mov file.
When you look at videos on the internet they all have different options and versions of Shotcut none of which worked for me. Does anyone know how I can reliably export to mp4?

What does this mean specifically? Black screen for video the whole time?

Did that include hardware acceleration turned off?

Sometimes the screen went black and the audio continued to work - other times it froze on a clip about a third the way through - I tried it with hardware acceleration off also with parallel processing off (and on) I tried a host of different settings in the codec section. I tried removing certain clips, nothing worked.

I have finally found how to do it! Use Preset H.264 Main Profile. Remember to put the suffix .mp4 for YouTube to recognise it.

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