Exporting to MP4

In exporting to video the film freezes halfway through. I have a clip there that has a frame rate of 30 the rest are 25 - could this be causing the problem? - how do I change the frame rate?

Varied framerate video shouldn’t cause a crash but if you want them to be the same your best option would be to run them through something like handbrake(or tencoder or formatfactory take your choice here) and set the exports framerate to your desired result.

If it doesn’t cause a crash then I don’t mind it. But what is causing it then? I’ve downloaded 20.09.27 (I’m working with a Mac High Sierra) I pressed Reset, set it to YouTube and the video goes black about a third of the way into the film (about 5 min in total) The audio is unaffected.

Try with Export > Use hardware encoder turned off.
Try with Export > Video > Parallel Processing turned off.
If still a problem you can try to go to the corresponding location and disable or remove stuff and see if the problem goes away. If you modified the video file outside of Shotcut it may cause this.
Also, it sounds like it could have trouble seeking on that file where it went black. In that case, you can try using Properties > Convert on it. When the convert job is done, it will automatically replace all instances of the clip in the project. You can try exporting that before saving to see if it helps. Please be aware that Convert creates very large files; make sure you use a drive with plenty of space.

Hi Dan
I tried it without the Use Hardware Encoder and Advanced but the image froze.
Then I tried it without Parallel Processing and with these settings
Resolution 1920 X1080
Aspect 16 . 9
Frames 25
Scan Progressive

Rate Control Constant
Bitrate 12M
Buffer Size 1500
GOP 150
B Frames 3
Codec threads 0

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