Exporting to HAP

hello everyone, I’m new to Shotcut, but I’m excited :slight_smile:
I’ve used AE and Final Cut so far but they have stopped supporting HAP
Shotcut very well imports and processes HAP files
my question is:
how to configure export to HAP and HAP Alpha format?

I found such help but I do not know how to set the program


thank you in advance for your help
(IMHO HAP edition is an opportunity to promote Shotcut)

Hi @Kris

I had never heard of HAP before you mentioned it here.
It turns out that SC will happily import and export HAP videos.

Took a 5 min video in h.264 (640 X 360) and imported it into SC, then exported as 1920 X 1080 in HAP
wrapped in a .mov container.
Pretty impressed with how nicely it scrubbs even though the resulting HAP video was exported at 115Mb/s.
Left the settings as they were but I’m sure by twiddling, one can favour either better quality or smaller file sizes.


Just loaded the HAP video into SMPlayer on a lowly Celeron 2.4GHz with 2GB RAM (running Debian) and I’m astounded at how smooth it plays and if I make big jumps forwards or backwards it’s instantaneous.
Absolutely briliant, considering that this little Celeron is playing a 1920 X 1080 115Mb/s video without even breaking a sweat.

@Paul2 I do not know what build you are using, but the official release builds provided by me do not include the hap codec. We would have to integrate another library that is not yet a priority for us.


It’s an old version that I have on a test computer I was setting up:

When I’m near a computer with a newer version, will check again, but if you say it’s not included, then it’s a bit of a mystery.
BTW, ffmpeg has support for HAP.

Yup, confirmed, checked on ver 18.12.23 (Windows box) and sure enough no HAP.
So it must have been dropped/forgotten about along the way?

From what I have seen, it’s a great codec, any chance of getting it back?

Further check, the ffmpeg that comes with the above version of SC (18.12.23) has no support for HAP, perhaps never compiled with “–enable-libspeedy” ?

Not a big problem for now, simply export to an intermediate codec then use another version of ffmpeg to export to HAP.
If I’m not mistaken, this is also the “workflow” when using Adobe CC and AE as a third party encoder has to be used, perhaps @Kris can confirm this.

Bit of a mission but do-able.

Hi @Paul2
HAP is used in professional media servers, check www.disguise.one
It’s a very efficient codec, we use it for huge resolution like 8K with alpha.
Thank you for checking!

Hi @Kris

I can see why, it’s really very efficient.
Another very good codec which I often make use of is AVC-Intra 100.
Not only is it part of the DPP delivery specs for some broadcasters, but it’s much “lighter” on hardware than say XDCAMHD even at twice the bit rate.

Thanks for posting about HAP, going to start using it for some back screens we have in the news studios.

@Kris, I have been trying to figure out if HAP Q advertises itself as a visually lossless codec. I haven’t found an answer anywhere. Have you seen anything?

@Paul2, were you able to tell if your HAP playback was actually using GPU decoding? I can view but not export HAP files with Shotcut 18.11.18 on Windows 10. However, ffmpeg is not hardware accelerated when reading on my machine. Although, HAP appears to be quite fast even with CPU-only decoding.


What I did is loaded Raspian (Raspberry Pi OS but for X86 platform) onto my Celeron 2.4GHz with 2GB RAM
and 320GB HDD.
Motherboard is an old Gigabyte GA-H61M.
Then used “mpv” to play the HAP video but called it from the CLI to get extra info:

As can be seen, it’s called the va_openDriver (va= video acceleration) and it returned a 0 which means all good.
CPU usage is 22%, not bad at all for such a small PC displaying 115Mb/s 1920 X 1080 video.
As a comparison, played the same video but encoded as h.264 (MP4) 640 X 360 at just over 500Kb/s
and the CPU was showing 9%.

The idea behind this exercise was to see “how low can you go” hardware wise to be able to play full HD HAP videos.
Considering the PC was made up from bits and pieces I had laying about, I’m happy with the results.

Interesting. Thanks for the results. As you can guess, I’m wondering if there’s a way to get hardware-accelerated playback of HAP files in Shotcut. All my attempts have used CPU so far on Windows 10 and Linux Mint.

@Austin I usually use HAP codec which is sufficient, more about HAP Q can be found on the pages: vidvox and see their blog or on twitter: bang_noise

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