Exporting time was faster and now slow

I got a while without using Shotcut and forgot everything, and now I’m not able to render videos fast, while a 40 minutes video was taking 30 minutes to export, now it’s taking more than a hour, but in short, the export time was never higher than the video time, if the video was 1 hour, then the export was lower than it.

More: it had exported in 35 minutes some days ago, now today it’s suddenly slow, taking now the double of time, without me changing anything.

Someone here?

It is difficult to answer not knowing your computer’s specifications (are you using a hard disk or SSD for example). How complex are your filters? Do you use the Size, Position and Rotate filter, which is very costly in CPU time. Have you selected “Parallel Processing” for the export? Are you using Hardware Encoding or Software, if so, which …?

CPU is I5-9400F 2.9GHz, GPU is Radeon RX 580 and RAM is 8GB 2666MHz DDR4, and I use a 1 TB HD, had literally all of these specifications in July, while I was being to export in faster speed, but today no more.

Filters is almost nothing, I just edit to put a outro, cut some parts and put a Fade In/Out, was exactly the same in July, but today is now slow doing the same effects and edits, and I don’t use Size, Position and Rotate and never used it.

Parallel Processing and Hardware Encoding I never used, Parallel Processing changes nothing and Hardware Encoding is faster, but never used it because the final video looks so bad and in July also, I was being able to export in a very faster time without needing Hardware Encoder.

So in short, I had the same things, but now a slower speed, a 1 minute video in July was 40 seconds to export, now 3 minutes, and a 40 minutes video in July was 30 minutes to export, now a hour and 15 minutes.

And lastly, some days ago I was trying to export too, and was fast, but now no.

Nothing comes to mind for me. If truly nothing has changed, then it is very mysterious. Or maybe something has changed, but you did not notice or you assume it is not consequential to the export time. For example, maybe your project video mode is changed unexpectedly. But we would only be guessing/speculating on things like that.

You cannot simply compare 1 minute from July with 1 minute now unless you are opening the exact same project. Are you? If you are not using the exact same project to make the comparison, then it is an invalid comparison. After all, they could be using different resolutions or frame rates, which can make a huge difference. Make a proper comparison. Download the portable version of the “July version,” make a test project, open the test project in each version and export. Then, compare.

I export a certain project using a few different export presets on every OS for every release, make a rough comparison with past results, and playback both the project and export output as part of testing. There has been no general, major performance degradation.


There are many factors that affect the export time. The work of the antivirus (if you have windows), updating the operating system, some background processes of other programs in the system. If you have a laptop, then you need to make sure that its power profile is set to “performance” and not “battery saving”, this greatly affects the speed of the shorcut.


Did everything with old projects, old videos and still the exactly same speed, I didn’t updated Shotcut, on the old and new version is the same thing.

I don’t have Antivirus turned on and I barely use, I have updated Windows 10, already tested with no programs opened and still the same speed, and I have a Desktop.

A few things to check. My computer is roughly similar specs to yours, but with SSD.

Before I export, after I finish editing, I do a restart of the computer. I check to check that nothing is running that I can do without (Browser, Power Tools etc).

You can check Startup tab - and disable automatic starting your Browser, Cortana, Zoom, Skype, Phone Link, Facebook Messenger (at least while EXPORTING - put them back on if you still want them).

If I think about it I check “UPDATES” isn’t doing some downloads (defer them if so). Then I do the export.

But it depends very much on what filters you’ve set. I export 2 Church Services a week, about 1¼-1½hrs long. I generally have 2 video cameras input, but occasionally 3. The can take between 1½ and 3+ hours - depending on what I’ve done. If I’ve used 3 cameras, it will be even longer. And sometime an extra audio input. Generally there are about 70-100 elements after I’ve split it into segments.

If I’ve done a quick (rushed) edit with few “fancy” bits (only volume GAIN, Fade-In Video etc) it’s much quicker than if I’ve done lots of <SIZE, POSITION & ROTATE> segments or , and particularly with SIZE or CROP zooming - a few of them in a video can easily double the EXPORT time.

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