Exporting time is really long

hey first bit using shotcut. using it to cut together some gameplay and audio to upload it to my channel im starting out. Im sitting here 4 hours into an export for a 52 minute video. not sure how long its supposed to take but I feel like that’s way to long. its not stuck, just very slow. my computer is not the top of the line but its not a bad setup. im exporting it in H.264. used lightworks on my last video but didnt really like having to pay for 1080 so came to this program after a bit and like the way it works.

thanks in advance.

You could Export a short bit of your project to check and see if it’s right. Then, Export the whole project overnight. Video editors have been doing that for years - especially if they have modest rigs. Note that Shotcut can run as separate instances. Set one project to Export, then start another project in another instance of Shotcut. You may notice a slowdown but you will be able to continue working.


With a medium computer, to export a 1h file, it’s quite normal if it takes “the night”…


It’s normal to export 52 mins Full HD video within 4 hours. Be patient!