Exporting the best quality video

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I am exporting a video on shotcut and am trying to gain the best quality.

Can you tell me what the best settings I would need to set at in terms of B frames, Frames per second, GOP and Quality?

Also I am not sure what the video was set to in terms of FPS when I started. Should I always set at 60 FPS for better video quality. Can I export at 60 FPS if it was edited in 30 FPS?

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In general you should keep the settings from your original recording device. If you recorded in 60 fps - keep it that way. If you recorded in 30 fps - it doesn’t make any sense going to 60fps - unless you want unnecessary big file sizes :slight_smile: For export you can use any format you like but for sake of interchangeability and flexibility i would opt for mp4 h.264 or h.265 codec with reasonable quality setting (default is 55% quality - which is sufficient for general purpose) You can go up to 60 - 65% quality - leading to bigger file size and little better visual quality. Avoid quality settings above 70% - you won’t get any better with visual recognizable artefacts e.g. - just creating huge files. There are also completely lossless formats for intermediate operation - if you want to finalize your work later on and work in intermediate steps so to say. But this is not recommended for permanent storage just to view it on some media - as it just wastes space and is complex to decode (needs high cpu-power for viewing).
Do a little search here - there are lots of topics dealing with video quality and codecs :slight_smile:

Its not so much a matter of B-frames and GOP, just keep the standard settings. Bigger GOP leads to little smaller filesize and doesn’t affect video quality much. Its best (imho) to keep GOP between 15 (prefered by Youtube) and 60. The bigger the GOP the more complex it becomes to edit the results afterwards as you have 60 frames in one compression group. This is more a matter of the codec you use and the compression algorithm - don’t bother too much about that :slight_smile:

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Okay, thanks for your input :slight_smile:

If you’re on the Advanced Export menu then the resolution and fps there are the settings that were set for your project. Fps has nothing to do with video quality so taking a 30fps video and exporting it as 60fps to try and improve video quality is pointless. It’s just going to make your file unnecessarily bigger because you will be exporting double the video frames. Also, doing that ruins the video because you will not be exporting new frames. It will just copy the same frames 2x in order to get to 60fps so you will not get the 60fps motion that you would from an authentic 60fps video.

In general, there is no reason for you to be touching B frames, fps, GOP and all that. Shotcut does not put bad settings by default. The default settings in the Stock category are all of high quality.

If you really need the “best quality” for video even though the default quality is “high quality”, then go to the Advanced Export Menu and in the Codec tab change the quality to around 65%. Anything above that as @RilosVideos explained is not going to be noticeable. But again, the default of 55% is already at high quality.

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