Exporting temporary without loss of qualitity


Sometimes some pictures need so much treatment that the computer can’t treat them in real time concerning the preview. The idea is exporting some scenes with the heavy treatment done and assemble them later in an other session.

My newbee question is: Is there an export format without loss of quality for these temporary files?

Yes. In the export menu there is a section called “lossless”. Choose one of those formats.

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As Elusien said, everything in the “lossless” section will keep perfect quality. However, Ut Video and HuffYUV will have significantly faster playback speed than FFV1 and H.264 should that be a concern. However, they will also create huge files in order to keep perfect quality. A balanced option is the “intermediate” category, which is used by studios to be “visually lossless” (only loses what they human eye won’t notice even after hard color grading). These formats specialize in reasonable file sizes and fast playback for smooth editing. The best options are ProRes HQ and DNxHR HQ.


Thanks for this Austin. I’ve seen the advice before but couldn’t find it. I was looking for it for a project I’m thinking about doing related to the demise of WebVfx.

Awesome! Thank you for these answers!

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