Exporting taking 3 hours!

Im new to shotcut.
Just made my first video on it lasting 20 mins. It took 3 hours to export! This is insane.
Heres my laptop specs…
Processor- AMD A9 9410 Radeon R5 5 Compute cores 2C + 3G 290GHz
Ram- 8GB
System Type- 64 bit operating system x64 based processor

Exporting is set to - mp4
Res 1920x 1080
Aspect 16 9
Frames sec 60
Scan mode - progressive

Video originally filmed with a Gopro.

Surely this cant be right. 3 hours. Is my laptop just too slow for this or could it be something else?
Im now worried shotcut might just crash on my laptop, it hasnt yet fingers crossed…

It might be normal.
My last export was quicker but 60 FPS double the time from 30…

There is a missing element to this puzzle, and that’s the bitrate. And yes with 2 cores, for HD processing you’re pushing the limit. Heat can also slow down your computer, and all of the processing is done with your CPU probably pushing it to the max it can handle.

I don’t use my laptop for anything heavy, but in my desktop, I have my CPU water cooled just for this reason.

From the Frequently Asked Questions page: Shotcut - Frequently Asked Questions
CPU: x86-64 Intel or AMD; at least one 2 GHz core for SD, 2 cores for HD, and 4 cores for 4K.

There is a portable version of Shotcut you can put on a flash drive if you have a different computer to do the exporting on.

2 cores is not much for encoding video on the CPU - one will be busy doing decoding and processing while the other encodes, but either of those stages could use more than one CPU to improve speeds! You can try to use your AMD GPU. See the v18.06 release post where it was announced that we added support for GPU encoding on AMD on Windows. To try it it, set Export > Codec to h264_amf.

Ok thanks for replying. All the technical stuff goes over my head though. So you’re basically saying my laptop isn’t very powerful? Only bought this laptop 2 months ago, it doesn’t seem to be over heating atm. If i continue to export for 3 hours on it , will it damage my laptop?

It should not. Most computers are designed to shut down if they are going to overheat. In that case, you would lose the export job that was started.