Exporting stuck at 9%

Greetings i have an issue exporting a new video i have been working on . First it got stuck at 6% and after trying different Shotcut versions (18 11 12, 19 08 06 & 19 12 23) it got stuck at 9%. Export type is Youtube and i tried both 720p 60fps and 1080p 60fps and experienced. The drive i have this SC portable (19 08 16) on and saving mlt file and export file is basically empty (formatted).

Here is the log : logfile.txt (5.1 KB)

Here is the MLT file : LVStEVE.mlt (200.2 KB)

Here are my pc specs cpu : i5 2400 @ 3.1 ghz
ram : 4 GB
os : Windows 7 SP1
gpu : Intel Hd 2000 (None)

Ps before you tell i dont meet the minimum requirements. I already know this and this is all i have. Prior to my HDD crashing and being replaced i had created over 20 videos (far more complex than this one) on this pc.

Please help , any suggestions will be greatly appreciation. You guys don’t know how bad i feel when i can’t create content. Thank you in advance.

From the log, this seems to be the problem:

[mlt_pool] out of memory

Are you using the 32bit version of Shotcut? I think it has some protections in place to reduce memory usage. Also, you can consider disabling “parallel processing” in the export panel.

Yes I am using the 32 bit version Brian. Should try the 64 bit version ? My OS is a 32 bit version. I cannot find the option to uncheck parallel processing on my SC version .

Here’s a screenshot :

Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

The parallel processing option is not available in the 32bit version.

The 64bit version will not work on your OS.

The next step I would suggest is:

  1. Make a copy of your mlt file
  2. In the copy of the project, systematically remove filters or transitions one-at-a-time and attempt to export between each one

The goal is to try to narrow down what feature you are using that might be causing the problem. If this project happens to be using a feature that you did not use in your 20 previous projects, that would be a good place to start removing.

Ok let me try that . I wonder which feature it might be . I will be sure to update the progress.

32 bit has very limited memory. See this comment for ways to reduce memory usage:

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