Exporting single file into multiple projects?

I’ve been using shotcut now for quite awhile. I’m aware when I’m done with a project, I export it creating a rough draft for reviewing & editing, or a final draft for sharing.

There’s been times I wanted to break one project into multiple mini’s I can use in other projects (I call these sub projects), and I one clip inported into multiple clips in timeline, and then resave with a name for each clip, deleting the other clips at a time, continuing to resave with new name after deleting each clip, til only one clip left. than returning to all previous clips which were resaved with there own name, but still might have other clips added as that’s the easiest way to break it down one at a time, so than I remove all the extras from all the added clips, saving each, and than exporting each. Finally, even though I started with one Input video clip (or audio), I finished with multiple individual short clips which I can use later in other videos as individual inported clips.


I was wondering, if there was a way to do it all in one export, where maybe if all clips included were seperate video channels on timeline or something, if each clip has a way to add it’s own name to the clips in timeline, if I export that from one project, if it will automatically divide all of those, and export multiple final projects of individual clips?

If not… maybe that SHOULD/COULD be an option for future developement?

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You can create multiple range-based markers in the long project and export each of those. Each range will be listed by its name in Export > From


Thank you sir! Thank you as well for making Shotcut. It’s my goto, and only, media editor for making my final video projects. I still use OBS studio for screen recording on PC + audacity for voice over recordings (I have a question about those, see below), and GIMP for image editing, though I still edit some images in shotcut as well!
It’s truly a marvel what you made! Thank you again!

I do have another question, off topic of this, that I just thought of… I’ve seen a new option in the timeline editor when editing my videos, I can record a Voice over during edit!? I tried using it, to see if it was better than Audacity, but I couldn’t figure it out! I pressed the Record option, and was talking, it seemed to actively be adding a new audio clip in the timeline, it took me awhile to figure out how to cancel, or stop recording. After awhile, I finally figured out pressing the icon with mouse stopped it, but than it wasn’t available to use in the playlist screen, I couldn’t find it. I think it disappeared from timeline once I got it to stop! I was too confused using it all, so I went back to using Audacity! Do you have a how to video to help users acclimate with the record voice option?

Thanks again!

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After reading all that in detail, if I set multiple clips each with their own Start/End markers, and than Save/Export using Export/From/Marker option, it will Export each marker section as individual files? and than I can select the next one? Does those show up as “Jobs” in the right Job menu as a list of jobs being done? or does it complete the Export in a new project under Shotcut?

That seems to be the easier of the two Export options mentioned there! I don’t think Export/Markers-Chapters seems to be the better of the two options, unless Exporting to Chapter creates seperate chapter files for each chapter alone, that are ready to use as MP4 in other files?

That’s the objective I’m reaching for!

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I know I gave a description of my project efforts already!
To clarify, as I’ve had some time to think about it.
Say I play an Xbox game recording video for 1 hour. In that hour, I have 6 different battles on the game I’m playing, each lasting a few minutes or more, but each having potentially different content! Instead of releasing one recording on YT showing 6 battles, I wanna release 6 videos, showing 6 different battles!

So if I upload (or Import to Shotcut, what I meant) the 1 hour video with 6 battles, if use Markers at beginning/end of each battle, what’s the best way of the two options in the easiest effort, to get 6 different video clips exported from that 1 hour video, each having there own name, as MP4 files? even if I have to edit the name afterwards, if it just gives me videos with time stamp names, that’s fine! Will Markers to Chapter Export do that? Or would it just be easier to Export each Marker section from the Export/From drop list choosing each Marker segment separately?

Thanks again!

Hi @DaddyDman - as I understand it, the easiest way to export your long video into 6 shorter ones is as follows (no need for markers):

  1. Make sure your playlist is empty, and have it selected (Playlist tab)
  2. Use the the split tool (or S) to divide your video into the 6 clips you require.
  3. Select the first clip.
  4. Press C (to copy it), then the “Source” tab (just above the timeline, next to the “project” tab).
  5. Then drag from the preview screen to the playlist.
    (so it’s C…Source… Drag).

Do this with each of the 6 clips. You will have 6 entries in the playlist.

Then go to Export but choose " Each Playlist Item" in the dropdown.
6. Make a coffee!
Shotcut will export each clip individually.


Definitely going to try this, thank you!
And thank you to Shotcut leader as well. I have done your procedure til I seen Jon’s comment. Your solution worked, but still seemed like it had to many steps, having to use the markers etc.
Jon’s seemed to cut right to my objective, wanting to divide one video into many equal cuts in short ease. However, it does seem to have one caveat, and that’s making sure nothing else is being used of the video, and therefore keeping the playlist clear. but for new raw clips coming in with multiple potential, this seems perfect.

One thing though, and I’ll figure out next time I’m in Shotcut… when C Source dragging to playlist, does each have it’s own title? Or file Name? When Exporting, will it name each as I wish? I’m assumming I’ll find a way when I try the idea, but can I prename each C source clip I drag to playlist? and thus when “Exporting from Playlist” it names each file as I named it when dragging?

OR will it just take the original file name it had, and add extra numbers to it to segregate the files? Thanks again, both Jonray, and Shotcut leader.

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