Exporting shorter playlist with master timeline filters?

I’ve applied filters on the master. I would like to export a short test from the bigger timeline. How would I do this?

Currently, I have identified a shorter segment in a playlist. When I use that playlist to export, the filters do not get applied even though they are set on the master.

Do I need to replicate the filters on the master to the playlist?

Hi @Dan555, go to the hamburger menu just below the word “timeline” (next to the scissors icon, above the timeline itself), and select “Copy Timeline to Source”. Your whole video will appear. Then adjustt the blue line below to select just the part you want to test, hit “export file” and you’re done.

To confirm, I need to do this every time I make changes to the filters on the Master? At least, it seems to be what I noticed.

Thanks for the tip!

Yes, any changes you make to the filters in the timeline will appear on your preview screen when you select “copy timeline to source”.

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