Exporting playlist

Hello, is there a way to export the playlist? I need it for closing credits. TIA.

Personally I think ‘Playlist’ is a misnomer, it’s better referred to as the Media bin.

I isn’t clear to me what you mean by “export” in this context.

You can encode all the clips in the playlist as a single file (with all clips playing back-to-back). On the export panel, the very first setting is “From”. Set that to “Playlist” and then it will export the playlist into a single file.

You’re right, Brian.
I mean exporting the mere list of all the elements in the playlist (or better, the Media bin), i.e. in a textual file. I’m editing a video made of freeware and CC clips that have different licence requirements. For a lot of them I must mention the author, so I want to mention all the authors of all the clips I used and a list of all clips would be useful.

Your best option for that is going to be to open the .MLT file in a text editor and copy/paste the playlist section. You will have to delete the XML parts.

Ok, thanks!