Exporting on 21:9 format

Hi :slight_smile:
I have problem, basically when I am exporting movie in 21:9 format which I set before, it does play without a image (black background) but only with sound. Any suggestion what I am doing wrong?

Just curious - why 21:9? Do you have a Cinema TV?

Personally, I can’t stand black pillar bars on my HDTV. I always fuss with the controls to get a full screen, even if it is slightly distorted. Personal preference…


I just really want to get kind of a “super extra professional cinematic movie” effect.

You have camera that shoots in this video ratio?
If you’re cropping HD or UHD to 21:9 you will end up with a lot of black space on your TV (unless it too is a 21:9 ratio screen)

Nope, I am recording 16:9 ratio. Yes I know, and that is my goal - to get black bars on top and bottom.
So any tips?