Exporting my video

I tried saving my video and i needed up exporting it to an MP4 file but when I go to play it on my computer it doesn’t allow me to. It says it may be unsupported. Will this affect the video being uploaded to YouTube?

But actually you haven’t given us any useful information to go on.

Well I tried exporting the video from an MLT to an mp4 file. When I saved it to my computer and tried playing it off of my computers video playback software it said the file was unsupported.

It’s weird because after a few minutes it was able to be played so does it take a minute to process or what?

Er… yes, processing can take quite a long time depending on the length of the video and which filters you have applied and finally the performance of your computer hardware. It doesn’t happen instantly like editing a photograph :wink:

Ahh I see. Thanks I thought it would instantly just save as an mp4. I guess I should give at a few minutes to finish processing and stuff.

Thanks for the help.

Not at all, no video editor on the planet can do that :slight_smile:
Just watch the ‘Jobs’ panel, it will show you by percentage how processing is progressing.

Awesome. While I have you here, do you know if there’s a way you can mark your audio tracks so you can sync it up with your video? Like if you wanted to sync up a certain snippet of your video with a music track. If that makes sense.

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