Exporting MTL to MP4 Moves Clips, Alters Filters

I’ve been redoing this 3 minute video chapter over and over and over again for the last three days, up to 14 hours a day. (Yes I am that stubborn) Not a lie, not an exaggeration. EVERY TIME I export the MP4 there is an error. For instance, a clip with a fade out will have a full opacity frame at the end of the fade out where it should be pure black. When I go back to the MLT certain clips are moved out of place and some filters are gone. Detached sound clips have moved out of sync with the video. I have been fighting this chapter and others for about 10 days now. What could be causing this and what can I do about it? Thanks.

It sounds like you are reporting a bug so I don’t know why you categorized this as “Help/How To”. Change the category to a bug report.

Also, I noticed in your past threads on this issue you never said what version of Shotcut you are using. Please note the version number you are using. Go to Help > About Shotcut to find out.

You can, but I will ignore it as this person has either not learned, or I don’t know because it does not happen to me.

I actually can’t because that privilege is gone from me. I don’t know why it happens but when I used to have it it would go away then come back. Now it hasn’t come back for me anymore.

Yes and since it doesn’t happen to you it can’t possibly happen to anyone else.

Sounds like my experience with Shotcut. He probably designed the web page as well. I like Shotcut and will continue to use it for now, but this forum is no help to me.

You still haven’t said what version of Shotcut you are using. You can’t get much help if you don’t tell people in this forum what version of the program you are using.

I also can not recreate this report. Just a guess, but maybe the project is in automatic mode and the frame rate changes some times. As a suggestion, try setting a specific video mode.

For some reason this MLT was set to 720 … the footage was shot in 1920 x 1080. Setting it to 1920 x 1080 60 fps doesn’t help. But I will go back and adjust everything again. I will not be defeated! :sunglasses: I wanted this done for last Saturday and I’ve been working all day long for six days now. I am hoping to have this uploaded tomorrow.

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