Exporting .mlt from CMD

Hello. I would like to know if you can start exporting .mlt from CMD? Without launching a shotcut.

Yes, you can run melt or qmelt with the .mlt xml file as an input. If the XML does not have a <consumer> element (project file), you need to add a -consumer avformat... with options on the command line to specify the encoding. If the XML does have a consumer element (see the XML of an export job), then it has everything specified and the consumer option is not needed. melt and qmelt executables come with Shotcut, and Shotcut runs qmelt as a child process for the export jobs. The only difference between qmelt and melt is that qmelt is a Qt wrapper that initializes Qt on the main thread, which makes some Qt usage more reliable (HTML effects and/or GPU processing).

More information can be found in the Documentation section of the MLT website.

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can you please read more? I am not strong in this (

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