Exporting Markers Suggestion

I haven’t seen a way to export multiple span markers at the same time. I usually make lots of small YouTube Shorts videos in the same project and then export them individually using markers. This can be a tedious task since I could potentially skip a marker or export it twice. I would love to see a feature where a selected amount or every marker is exported to a folder.

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I’d like that too. I think this is a good suggestion.

The method I use to do that is

  1. Split the clips
  2. Copy each short clip and send them to the Playlist
  3. Export > From > Each Playlist Item

An option to export all range marker would save time.

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Hi – I’m new to Shotcut but learning and not the greatest at this yet, but I think you’re talking about how to turn Markers into chapters… So far I’ve found how to export described below as Markers as Chapters in the newest 2024 version: 23.12.15 (as of Jan 30, 2024).

I have my marker form open on top right. I don’t assign names to ones between as they’re just there for cutting/pasting, etc. They are all color coded dependent upon segment:

Next at the top menu I click export / Markers as Chapters:

A window pops up to allow me to select the ranges I’d like:

I click okay to have them all.
Another window opens where I can select to save the text file:

When I open the text file it looks like this:


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