Exporting Issue

Hi, I am currently working on a video project using Shotcut and I’ve noticed something after exporting a video. Basically when I view my exported footage with VLC Media Player, I go into the statistics tab and frames are “Lost” and “Discontinued”.



I tried both my hardware encoder (NVENC) and my CPU (libx264). I use the H.264 High Profile preset and tried different video and codec settings. I record and export my gaming videos @1060p60 FPS . I’ve also tried exporting with other video editing software but the problem still occurs. However my raw footage captured with OBS doesn’t have this problem.

OBS Raw Recording Footage:

I don’t know how to fix this issue and have no idea what causes this, maybe this is normal. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks.

Windows 10 Version 1909
Shotcut version 20.07.11, 64 Bit
Intel i5 9300h
Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Max Q

VLC "Lost " video frames is not necessarily an indication of an export problem. That statistic tells you how many frames VLC failed to display in order to maintain realtime playback. If it feels like it is falling behind then it will skip displaying a frame to avoid video falling behind audio. Shotcut does something similar when Settings > Realtime (frame dropping) is on. Small differences in this statistic does not indicate an export issue. Also, your screenshot for “OBS Raw Recording Footage” shows 0 frames displayed.

Here’s are better one for the OBS Recording. So basically this is normal and the video itself doesn’t drop in frames, it’s just VLC?

Correct. It’s a minor playback issue, not a file or encoding issue. It could mean the hardware is struggling to decode real-time, or it could mean too many programs are running at once leaving VLC with too little CPU.

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