Exporting is not working

so I spent like 2 days on a 20 minute video for youtube and every time I export it it gives me nothing but a black screen. everything is gone except the text that I put in while editing. I try to re-open it with the “recents” tab and it basically says that the files corrupted and I need to replace them with the same freaking file for it to work. I do that and the only thing it gives me is “failed to open.” (that doesn’t give me and advice to get me anywhere to getting my video back, so thanks for that.) and after I restart Shotcut, the freaking video in the recents disappears!!! yes, I exported as the youtube file thing while exporting but that doesn’t matter because it didn’t even make it to youtube. please tell me why my videos disappear. I’ve had hours and hours of time lost from this. I updated to the new version of shot cut and tried to save it but no difference.

Sounds like your source file got moved as you was making your project.
You may have got a dialog box pop up asking where to find these files.

If the files were moved, you could just simply put them back in the respective file locations or double click on each file Shotcut is seeking, then point to the correct file location. Ignoring this dialog box may give you a black screen, as you may have experienced. Why the black screen? Shotcut doesn’t track your source file. When you put a file into the playlist or into the timeline, it inserts code into the project mlt file, which is the file location of your source file(s).

To see how to use the Missing Files Dialog box, read this.

Perhaps you have your source video on a USB drive, and could be as simple as plugging that USB drive back in.

The YouTube selection you see is an Export preset to make your exported file more suitable for YouTube. It does not upload to YouTube. You have to do that manually though YouTube’s website.

yes, I know. what I meant by that is I exported it as the youtube preset, but it didn’t mater what I would have put as the preset because I wouldn’t have uploaded it anyways.

I changed the name of the thread because your title of “Stupid freaking exporting wont work ever” isn’t constructive no matter how frustrated you may be.

Now I ask you: When you were exporting did you have the hardware encoding option on?

I don’t know where to find that option. also, sorry for swearing, its just that it annoys me how I lost so much time on this

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