Exporting in 1080 when files were shot in 720?


Sorry if this is a dumb question…

Does exporting my file at 1080p 60 frames make my video quality better? (Even though the videos I imported for editing are shot at 720p 60frames)

Not really. All you are doing is upscaling the video which means the video will be encoded at a higher resolution but won’t end up actually being any sharper or have more picture information.

Okay, thanks!

Reason I’m asking is because I was adding title filters (150+ title filters) in 720p Video Mode so my computer would be less laggy.

Then I had intended on exporting in 1080p. But changing from 720p Video Mode to 1080p causes my titles to be too small.

If I want to export in 1080p now, I will need to re-edit all 150+ title filters in 1080p video mode.

So for my case… I should just export in 720p, right? Because my source files were shot on an iPhone 5s at 720p, it would just be a waste of time to edit/export in 1080p?

In your case it would especially be a waste of time because you are got so far into the project already.

Thanks for answering!

Last question… are there any benefits I might be losing by not exporting in 1080p?

I think I read that some people who were experiencing problems uploading their videos to youtube where they would end up with lower picture quality attempted to get around it by uploading upscaled videos instead but I think another way around it if that becomes an issue is to upload to youtube a video with a very high bitrate.

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